The GCPE-M package that is distributed by the author and its contents (source, binaries, documentation, etc.) is hereafter referred to as the "Software."

The Software is distributed under the terms of the present license. By downloading and installing the software you agree to the license conditions.

The Software is free for non-commercial use and development.

I would appreciate if you inform me about downloading and using the package, so, I can maintain user list and inform you about updates.

Any commercial or government use of the Software, including internal use, must be accompanied by a license agreement to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The Software is free during the initial evaluation.

The Software may be freely redistributed in its original form including this license agreement.

If you make modifications to the Software, you may distribute them in a separate package as a set of patches / source files. Modifications must not alter or remove this license or any copyright notices. The Author is granted a non-exclusive right to distribute and/or merge your modifications in future releases.

If you think that your modifications are valuable beyond the scope of your specific task, consider sending them to me to be incorporated in the main package.

If you distribute a compiled version of the modified Software, it must clearly display the fact that it is not built from the original distribution and must give clear directions for obtaining both the original distribution and the source for the modifications, without any charge beyond the costs of data transfer.

The license terms are derived from SYPP license.