Generalized Claerbout Parabolic Equation for Moving media (GCPE-M)

This model further referred to as GCPE-M is a wide-angle PE for acoustic media with (slow) flows. It is strictly reciprocal and almost energy conserving. The code is thoroughly optimized to reach top numerical efficiency. The main applications of the model are simulation of sound propagation in moving ocean and full-field tomography of oceanic currents.

The model is developed and copyrighted by Dmitry Mikhin (Copyright © 1999). Please, read the license agreement of GCPE-M before downloading. The author gratefully acknowledge the support of this development received from RFFI, INTAS, CRDF, and NRC. The program was written during my work in the Shirshov Oceanology Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russia and Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Lab of NOAA, Miami, FL, USA. I wish to express my personal thanks to Drs. Oleg Godin and David Palmer for their attention and support.

The package includes source code for GCPE-M model itself, source code for accompanying utilities, MATLAB toolbox for working with GCPE-M output files, examples of GCPE-M usage and benchmarks, and documentation set, including GCPE-M theory. The total size of the downloadable file is 3.8 MB.