Travel to Arizona, February 26 - March 2, 1999

Lena and I were invited to Tucson for the marriage of our friends, Jay and Susan. Jay is Lena's schoolmate from the University of Arkansas. The wedding was quite non orthodox, it took place in Tucson Botanical gardens. And one of the Susan brothers happened to be an acoustician, as me (althout in quite different field.)

Jay and Susan love hiking, birding, and took the guests outdoors whenever possible. We are in the Bear Canyon starting just in the outskirts of Tucson.

On the last two days we drove north to the Grand Canyon. The place blows mind away. We had only 5 hours in the Canyon itself (so, we did not reach the bottom) and I wish I come back one day. Usually this time of the year is very harsh in the Grand Canyon, the temperature is about 10°C and there are lots of snow. But we had a terrific day.

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