Andrey K. Morozov

P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology,


EDUCATION: MS in Radiophysics from Moscow Power Engineering Institute, 1975; MS in Applied Mathematics from M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University 1984; Ph.D. (Technique) from Moscow Power Engineering Institute, 1981; Senior Scientific Collaborator (Communication theory) from Moscow Power Engineering Institute 1986.

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: 1975-1984 scientific researcher; 1984-1987 Head of the Radiosystem Department at Moscow Power Engineering Institute; 1987- Leading scientific researcher of P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology Russian Academy of Sciences.

THEMES OF RESEARCH: multipath channels communication; error correcting codes and broadband signals; adaptive arrays for communication systems; optoacoustics; acoustic ocean tomography; applications in underwater oceanology acoustics, hydroacoustics telemetry and remote control systems.

OCEAN RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: 5 ocean research voyages in Arctic, Anlantic, and Pacific Oceans and few expeditions in Black and White Seas on the acoustical ships of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Experimental Ocean Engineering.

PUBLICATIONS (the main scientific works of the last five year period):

1. Morozov A.K. "Pseudocoherent Accumulation of the Impulse Response of a Hydroacoustic Channel in Processing of Pseudonoise Signals in the THETIS-II Experiment" Acoustical Physics Vol. 42, No 6, 1996, pp. 733-738.

2. Egerev S.V., Lyamshev L.M., Morozov A.K., Pashin A.E. "An Optoacoustical Channel for Remote Control of Underwater Oceanological Instrumentation" Oceanology Vol. 36, No 2, 1996, pp. 291-295.

3. Kuryanov B.F., Morozov A.K. "Acoustic Tomography of Internal Waves Caused by Tides near Underwater Mount in Atlantic Ocean" Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Underwater Acoustics" Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 24-28 July, 1996, vol. 2, pp. 833-838.

4. Derevnin V.A., Kuryanov B.F., Morozov A.K. "Acoustic Tomography of Small-Scale Ocean Inhomogenity" Proceedings of IV Workshop on Circulation Research of the East Asian Marginal Seas (CREAMS-96) Vladivostok February 12-13, 1996, pp. 211-216.

5. Morozov A.K. "The Sequential Analysis Application in the Problem of Estimation of Stochasic Channel Impulse Responce" OCEANS'95 MTS/IEEE Proceedings 1995, "Challenges of Our Changing Global Environment", vol. 2, pp. 1049-1053.

6. Derevnin V.A., Morozov A.K. "Self-contained Buoys with Hydroacoustic Systems for Remote Measuring and Control" Oceanology Vol. 35, No 4, 1996, pp. 582-586.

7. Kuryanov B.F., Morozov A.K., Timashkevich G.K. "Acoustic Tomography of Internal Waves in the Ocean" Acoustical Physics, Vol. 41, No 1, 1995, pp. 96-99.

8. Morozov A.K., Derevnin V.A. "Broadband Signal Application in Systems for Remote Measuring and Control of Autonomous Oceanology Stations". Akusticheskii Zhurnal (in Russian) Vol. 40, No 3, 1994, pp. 469-470.

9. Morozov A.K., Derevnin V.A. "Broadband Signal Application in Hydroacoustic Telemetry and Remote Control System of Autonomous Oceanology Stations". II Session of Russian Acoustical Society Acoustical Media Monitoring. N.N.Andreev Acoustical Institute. Moscow, may 24-27. 1993.

10. Kuryanov B.F., Morozov A.K. "Acoustic Communication System with Broadband Phasemanipulated Signals". School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering University of Birmingham. United Kingdom. Conference on Underwater Acoustic Communication. December 1993.

11. Morozov A.K., Snegovoy A.A., Tischenko S.V. "Method of Numerical Ray Tracing for Waves Propagation in 3D Inhomogeneous Isotropic Medium"., International Symposium on Computation Tomography CT-93, Novosibirsk, august 9-14, 1993, pp. 94.

12. Morozov A.K., Stepin V.A. "Characteristics of Broadband Cascade Construction in the Multipath Channel with Rice Fading". Radiotechnics and Electronics. Russian Academy of Sciences, (in Russian) Vol.37, No.8, 1992, pp. 1450-1456.

13. Morozov A.K., Stepin V.A. "System for the Coding and Error Correcting Decoding". Russian Patent No RU 2007042 C1, 22.02.91, bul. No 2 30.01.94.

14. Morozov A.K. "Method and Systems of Underwater Vehicle Moving through Depth" Russian patent No RU 2081782, 29.03.94, Bul.No 17, 1997.

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