A new, full-field approach to acoustic tomography of ocean currents in the coastal zone

Project INTAS-RBRF 95-1002


Project Coordinator: Prof. Michael Taroudakis, IACM/FORTH


Scientific Responsibles:

Prof. Michael Taroudakis (IACM/FORTH)

Prof. Uwe Send (IFM/Kiel)

Dr. Dmitry Mikhin (OIRAS)

Dr. Vladimir Kurtepov (MIPT)


Final report

December 1999



Management details are omitted. The documents below are in the Portable Document Format (PDF). They can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  1. Scientific objectives and Research activities (35 KB)

  2. Scientific results

  • Acoustic nonreciprocity (118 KB)

  • The concept and ingredients of matched-nonreciprocity tomography (MNT) (65 KB)

  • Wide-angle parabolic equation for acoustic waves in moving media (1025 KB)

  • Linearized versions of MNT (649 KB)

  • Signal processing techniques for high-frequency MNT (379 KB)

  • Non-stationary processes (32 KB)

  • Comparison to other techniques (79 KB)

  • Summary of results (58 KB)

  • References (84 KB)

  • Appendix A (57 KB)

    1. Annexes.
      Copies of publications resulted from and related to the project. Available upon request.