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The Russian Acoustical Society (RAS), the P. P. Shirshov Oceanology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), and the Andreyev Acoustics Institute (Moscow) are paying homage to Brekhovskikh's contributions to wave propagation and scattering theory, underwater acoustics, and physical oceanography by organizing the Brekhovskikh Memorial International Conference in Moscow, Russia in May 2006.

The Conference will be the next in a row of the bi-annual Brekhovskikh's Conferences on Ocean Acoustics and also a part of 17th Meeting of the Russian Acoustical Society. The Conference will be held at the P. P. Shirshov Oceanology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 23 - 26 of May 2006.

Program of XI Conference -"Ocean Acoustics" and XVII meeting of RAS (the Brekhovskikh Memorial International Conference)

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Regulations: Lection 35 min and 5 min discussion,
Report 15 min and 5 min discussion
  23 May 2006, Tuesday
09.30 10.30 Registration
10.30 14.00 Session 1
10.30 12.20 Opening of Conference. Memorial part
N.A.Dubrovskiy and et al.
12.20 12.40 Break
12.40 13.15 H.Schmidt, W.A.Kuperman., K.Sabra
MIT, Massachusetts, Scripps IO, San Diego, USA
The acoustic structure of the scattered field from a bottom-interacting elastic object in a reverberant environment
13.20 13.55 Linus Y.Chiu, Andrea Chang, Chi-Fang Chen
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Nonlinear Internal Wave Effect on Underwater Acoustic Propagation in Coastal Ocean Waveguide
  23 May 2006, Tuesday
15.00 18.00 Session 2
15.00 15.35 V.A.Akulichev, V.V.Bezotvetnykh, A.V.Burenin, E.A.,Voitenko
S.I.Kamenev, Yu.N.Morgunov, Yu.F.Polovinka, D.S.Strobykin
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
Acoustic monitoring of dynamic processes and marine structure in the Japan Sea shelf zone

15.40 15.55 A.L. Virovlyansky, A.Yu. Kazarova, L.Ya. Lyubavin
IAP RAS, N.Novgorod
Estimation of the mean ocean temperature using measurements of signal arrival times
16.00 16.15 B.Kuryanov
IORAS, Moscow
To possibility of passive acoustic tomography in the diffuse noise field
16.20 16.40 Break
16.40 16.55 A.V.Grinyuk, V.P.Demkin, V.N.Kravchenko, A.G.Luchnin, A.I.Khilko, A.A.Stromkov, I.I.Leonov, A.G.Koshkin
IAP RAS, N.Novgorod
Experimental investigation of low frequancy probing low mode sound pulses at long dictance tomographical path in shallow water waveguide
17.00 17.15 Yu. A. Chepurin, V. V. Goncharov and A.I. Khilko
IORAS, Moscow, IAP RAS, N.Novgorod
Influence of intermode interaction on the equaracy of inhomogeneities re-construction by the use of low mode acoustic tomography in horizontally inhomogeneous shallow water
17.20 17.35 V.M. Kuzkin, S.A. Pereselkov1, V.G.Petnikov
GPIRAS, Moscow, VSU, Voronezh
Acoustic monitoring of the internal waves background
17.40 17.55 P.N.Kravchun
MSU, Moscow
A possibility of reconstructing hydrological parameters of the benthic front by ocean mode tomography methods
  24 May 2006, Wednesday
10.00 14.00 Session 3
10.00 10.35 O. A. Godin
NOAA/ETL, Boulder, USA
L. M. Brekhovskikh and the theory of wave propagation in layered media. Calculation of mode amplitudes from the reciprocity principle
10.40 10.55 R.A.Vadov
AI, Moscow
Underwater sound channel: discovery, experimental researches, regional distinctions
11.00 11.15 O. P. Galkin and L. V. Shvachko
AI, Moscow
Structure of the sound field in the ocean on long paths
11.20 11.35 A.V.Mikryukov, O.E.Popov
AI, Moscow
Experimental observation a focusing of a sound in a frontal zone of Gulf stream
11.40 12.00 Break
12 00 12.15 A.L. Virovlyansky, A.Yu. Kazarova, L.Ya. Lyubavin
IAP RAS, N.Novgorod
Modal structure of the field under conditions of wave chaos
12.20 12.35 Yu.V. Petukhov, A.A. Khilko
IAP RAS, N.Novgorod
Forming of multimode acoustic beams with minimal wave front divergent in oceanic waveguides
12.40 12.55 O..Gulin
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
To the models of a low-frequency sound field forming in the range-dependent shallow sea waveguide
13.00 13.15 V.A. Zverev and G.K. Ivanova
IAP RAS, N.Novgorod
The vertical structure of the acoustic field in the ocean as the function of the distance
13.20 13.35 I.V.Andreeva, A.P.Efimov, G.K.Kuznetsov, A.N.Stepanov
SSU, Samara, GPIRAS, Moscow

13.40 13.55 B.A. Kasatkin, N.V. Zlobina
IMTP FEB RAS, Vladivostok
The comparative analysis of the alternative solutions of pekeris problem in correct statement (review)
  24 May 2006, Wednesday
15.00 18.00 Session 4
15.00 15.35 V.S. Gostev, R.F. Shvachko
AI, Moscow
Acoustical effects in the ocean with fine-structural stratification (in-sea experiments, computer modeling)
15.40 15.55 A.S. Salomatin, V.I. Yusupov, K.A. Rogachev, A.N. Salyuk, B.Y. Li
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
The signature of synoptic eddies in backscatter sounding
16.00 16.15 V.P. Dzyuba
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
The phase functions and promblems of the acoustic scatering
16.20 16.40 Break
16.40 16.55 V.A. Grigorev, V.G. Petnikov
VSU, Voronezh, GPIRAS, Moscow
Long-range low-frequency reverberation in shallow water with focused radiation
17.00 17.15 A.A.Stromkov, A.G.Luchinin, A.I.Khilko
IAP RAS, N.Novgorod
Experimental investigation of a shallow sea reverberation
17.20 17.35 K.V.Kuznetsov, G.F.Postnov
IORAS, Moscow
The passive method of angular dependence measurements of ocean bottom reflection coefficients
17.40 17.55 S.A.Borisov, A.S.Borisov, M.A.Raskita
TSURE, Taganrog
About the reverberation levels in case of emitting with a parametric source
  25 May 2006, thursday
10.00 14.00 Session 5
10.00 10.15 K.V. Avilov
RC Module/AI, Moscow
A computational experiment on the sound propagation in Barents sea including currents
10.20 10.35 ..Danilov, V.N.Kornienko
AI, IRE RAS, Moscow
Computer simulation of sound fields on the ocean shelf taking into account 3D heterogeneities of media
10.40 10.55 B.Katsnelson, J.Lunch, A.Tshoidze
VSU, Voronezh, WHOI, USA
Space frequency distribution of the sound field in area of temperature front in shallow water
11.00 11.15 M.Badiey, V.Grigorev, B.Katsnelson, J.Lynch
Univ DE, USA, VSU, Voronezh, WHOI, USA
Temporal fluctuations of the sound field due to modes coupling in shallow water in presence of internal waves
11.20 11.35 B.F.Kuryanov, A.N.Serebryany
IORAS, AI, Moscow
Acoustic monitoring of stability of environment during a storm on shelf of the Black sea
11.40 12.00 Break
12.00 12.15 V.A.Zverev, B.M.Salin, A.A.Stromkov, A.I.Khilko
IAP RAS, N.Novgorod
Selection of the shallow sea modes in experiments with usage of Pekeris model
12.20 12.35 V.A. Lazarev, A.D. Sokolov
IAP RAS, N.Novgorod
A study of the interference pattern of the field of the broadband sound source in shallow sea with internal waves
12.40 12.55 S.A. Pereselkov
VSU, Voronezh
Modeling of broadband sound pulses in shallow water at presence of internal solitons
13.00 13.15 E.V. Sosedko., D.V. Makarov., L.E. Konkov, M.Yu. Uleysky
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
Wave chaos at sound propagation in the shallow sea
13.20 13.35 L.E. Kon'kov, E.V. Sosedko., D.V. Makarov
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
Suppressing of wave chaos with decreasing frequency of sound signal
13.40 13.55 O.P. Galkin, N. N. Komissarova, and S. D. Pankova
AI, Moscow
Structure of the sound field and response of an extended antenna array disposed near the bottom of a shallow sea
  25 May 2006, thursday
15.00 18.00 Session 6
15.00 15.15 K.V. Avilov
RC Module/IM RAS/AI, Moscow
Detection of hydroacoustic signals using the known structure of the sea environment
15.20 15.35 M.Y. Martynov, A.S. Lyashkov, I.O. Yaroshchuk, R.A. Korotchenko, A.N. Shvyryov
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
Experimental hydroacoustic data storing and processing management via internet
15.40 15.55 O.S. Gromasheva, G.I. Dolgikh, A.V. Kosheleva, B.Ya. Li, V.A. Yukhnovskiy
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
Experimental studies of the sound propagation channel using compound signals at quasistationary route
16.00 17.00 Break
17.00 17.15 L.E. Gamper
GRI "rphyspribor", S. Petersburg
About of spatial characteristics three-dimensional diversity sounds system. natural investigation considered
17.20 17.35 V.V.Semenov, I.V.Sinozerskiy, V.A.Filin
GRI "rphyspribor", NRCE, S. Petersburg,
Influence of the multibeam signal structure in the ocean shelf zone on optimal frequencies in passive listening mode
17.40 17.55 I.A. Dorodnova, Y.S. Alkov
Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy, Kaliningrad
Spatial visualization of underwater environment using sidescan sonar imagery
15.00 17.00 Poster session
  26 May 2006, friday
10.00 14.00 Session 7
10.00 10.35 K.D.Sabinin, A.N.Serebryany
AI, Moscow
"Hot spots" in a field of internal waves in the ocean
10.40 10.55 E.V.Semenov
IORAS, Moscow
11.00 11.15 A.A. Pivovarov, A.N. Svininikov, I.O. Yaroshchuk
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
Probability representation of geoacoustic model of a shallow part of the Japanese sea
11.20 11.35 V.A. Gordienko, N.V. Krasnopistcev, V.N. Nekrasov
MSU, Moscow, VNIIFTRI, Mendeleevo, Moscow region
About extreme possibilities of the flux acoustic power receiver when finding the deterministic sources
11.40 12.00 Break
12.00 12.15 A.N.Serebryany
AI, Moscow
12.20 12.35 V.A.Ivanov, A.D. Lisichonok, A.N.Serebryany*, L.L. Tarasov
MHI NASU Sevastopol, AI, Moscow

12.40 12.55 A.N.Serebryany, N.N.Galybin
AI, Moscow
Effect of internal wave on subsurface layer of air bubbles in the sea
13.00 13.15 A.D.Lisichenok, A.N.Serebryany, L.L.Tarasov, A.I.Chepyzhenko
MHI NASU, Sevastopol, AI, Moscow
Connection between turbidity, volume sound backscattering parameters and water dinamics in coastal zone of the Black sea
13.20 13.35 V.S. Gostev, I.B. Esipov, .. Naugolykh, .. Popov, I.M. Fuks
AI, Moscow, NOAA/ETL, Boulder, USA
Multi-frecuency acoustical method to retrieve range dependent transversal current velocity
13.40 13.55 Kh.D. Tsatsuryan
IWP RAS, Moscow
Nonlinearity parameter of seawater
  26 May 2006, friday
15.00 17.00 Session 8
15.00 15.15 V.I.Bardyshev
AI, Moscow
Underwater ambient noise at the atolls and banks of the Indian ocean
15.20 15.35 A. I.Vedenev
IORAS, Moscow
Noise levels at the new oil platform installation on Sakhalin shelf and criteria for assessment of noise impact on marine mammals
15.40 15.55 A. N. Rutenko, R.Racca
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok, JASCO Research Ltd
Acoustic monitoring strategy and results of the 2005 acoustic monitoring performed during the installation of the Lunskoye and PA-B concrete gravity based structures on the NE shelf of Sakhalin island
16.00 16.30 Break
16.30 Closing of Conference
  25 May 2006, thursday
15.00 17.00 Poster session
  N.K. Abakumova
AI, Moscow
Researches of the power laws of the sound fields in a near-shore area of the sea of Okhotsk

E. P. Babailov
Marine Technical University, S.Petersburg
Sound scattering on volume membranes

S. V. Borisov, A. N. Rutenko
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
A description of the transmit-autonomous underwater acoustic recorders used for environmental monitoring on the NE shelf of Sakhalin island

S.V. Borisov, A.N. Rutenko, A.A. Solovyev
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
The results of measurements and numerical modeling of variations of intensity of acoustic signals propagating along stationary traces in shallow zone of Japan sea

A.I. Vedenev, V.N. Ivanov, D.A.Tilinin, M.M. Penkin
IORAS, Moscow
Autonomous bottom hydro acoustic station with data transmission by the satellite communication

A.M. Gavrilov
TSREU, Taganrog
Nonlinear dispersion wave package when spreading in square-nonlinear medium

A.M. Gavrilov, R.O. Sitnikov
TSREU, Taganrog
Measuring of nonlinear dispersion wave package in water

O.P. Galkin, R.Yu. Popov, and Yu.I. Tuzhilkin
AI, Moscow
Spatial correlation of sound fields produced by underwater explosions for vertically sepa-rated reception points

V.V.Goncharov, Yu.A.Chepurin
IORAS, Moscow
Step by step acoustic tomography of the ocean

V.A. Gordienko, E.L. Gordienko
MSU, Moscow
Particularities of the vector-phase methods metrological certification in hydroacoustics

V. S. Gostev, . . Kopyl, Yu. P. Lysanov, and R. F. Shvachko
AI, Moscow
Numerical modeling of sound scattering by volume oceanic inhomogeneities with fractal spectrum

O.S. Gromasheva, K.V. Bachinskiy, E.I. Kraskina
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
The developing of the database of the testing compound phase-shift keyed signals calculated according to the pseudo-random m-successions

O.S. Gromasheva, V.A. Zakharov, B.Ya. Li, V.A. Yukhnovskiy, Yu.L. Shor
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
The reasoning for choosing the parameters of the measuring system for hydroacoustic tomography of the shelf zone water areas

S.L. Ilmenkov, A.A.Kleshchev
Marine Technical University, S.Petersburg
To a question on interaction of scatterings

Marine Technical University, S.Petersburg
The synthesis of the surface antenna, located in the plan wave guide

AI, Moscow

.V.Korshunov, .B.Libenson
GRI "rphyspribor", S. Petersburg
Assessment of classification probabilities of decision-making according to Bayes rule

M. V. Kruglov, A. N. Rutenko, R.Racca
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok, JASCO Research Ltd
Estimating the anthropogenic sound levels at the boundaries of the gray whale feeding areas during construction and production activities on the north eastern shelf of Sakhalin island

G.N.Kuznetsov, A.N.Stepanov
GPIRAS, Moscow, SSU,Samara

G.N.Kuznetsov, A.N.Stepanov
GPIRAS, Moscow, SSU,Samara

.B.Libenson, .P.Lvov, .B.Strelenko
GRI "rphyspribor", S. Petersburg
Sidelobe levels of matched filter responses for fm-signals in the range of objects doppler velocities

Lyashkov A.S., Shvyrev A.N., Yaroshchuk I.O.
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
Questions of modeling noise-shaped of hydroacoustic signals

V.S.Melkanovich, I.V.ntropov, Yu.A.Pavlovskiy
GRI "rphyspribor", S. Petersburg
Fast algorithm of stabilized beamforming for antenna arrays

S.O.Papkov, Yu.I.Papkova, A.A.Yaroschenko

V.G.Timoshenkov, I.V.Sinozerskiy
GRI "rphyspribor", S. Petersburg
Impact of mutual noise on the certainty of formation of the structure of echo-signals from blinking target when wide-band pings are used

A.N. Shvyrev, I.O. Yaroshchuk
POI FEB RAS, Vladivostok
Energy characteristics of surface dynamic noise in a three-layer waveguide

V.A. Zverev, T.V.Romanova, A.I. Khilko
IAP RAS, N.Novgorod
Mode shadow and its application at low mode acoustic tomography of ocean

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